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What is a partnership chair?

An AgroParisTech partnership chair is a unique co-construction framework for...

... at the service of the general interest!


A partnership chair is an innovative consortium which aims to produce knowledge and educational tools on a given theme, by bringing together complementary partners, particularly from the economic or institutional environment, to co-construct knowledge on emerging subjects.

It is a factor of visibility vis-à-vis the outside world, makes it possible to create frameworks for effective cooperation between academic and professional circles over a sufficiently long period (five years) by mobilizing substantial resources to finance teaching, research, training/animation. Thanks to sponsoring partners, the Chair undertakes to meet the challenges set together each year and more generally over the entire period.






What is Urban Agriculture?

Urban agriculture has a very large number of definitions and as many different typologies.

In a simplified way, we consider urban agriculture asagriculture close to the city (known as peri-urban) or in the city (known as intra-urban) which is functionally linked to the city.

What ? That is to say, shebrings food and a multitude of other services to the city and its inhabitantssuch as the creation of social ties, the retention of rainwater, the reuse of urban waste, environmental education, etc.

A variety of shapes...

...with a diversity of locations and production techniques...



...for a variety of functions


Urban planning

Social interactions






full ground


Cultivation beds

Recovery of urban waste

Physical and mental health

Pedagogy and awareness

Food production

Local economic development

Why a chair on urban agriculture?

The creation of the Chair is based on the assumption that training and research on urban agriculture will benefit from being carried out in close partnership with the socio-economic world concerned by developments in agriculture and by urban developments (local authorities, construction and development, agri-food and agricultural companies, distribution, etc.).

She affirms that by bringing several partners around the table, it will be possible to do better together to build a leading pole on urban agriculture in order to achieve a common objective:

Supporting the development of urban agriculture to serve the resilience of cities


Develop research

The Chair is involved in the identification and development of new research projects related to the questions put forward by the partners and actors of the city with whom it maintains a strong link. It allows the financing of internships, theses as well as the involvement of researchers to answer these questions.

Enrich teaching

Lessons on urban agriculture and urban food are included in AgroParisTech training. In particular, the Chair wishes to strengthen the dominance of the 3rd year IEVU (Engineering of Urban Green Spaces) by financing the work of future AgroParisTech engineers.

Train and raise awareness

The Urban Agriculture Chair is a place for exchanging and sharing knowledge. Indeed, there is a strong appetite from citizens, communities but also from certain economic actors for places of debate, exchanges, seminars, etc., around the multiple questions posed which revolve around urban agriculture (agriculture urban populations and vulnerable populations, urban food strategies, economic models, etc.).Training seminars and thematic days are organized in order to bring together a multitude of actors, to exchange andto transmitA certain number ofknowledge and skillson this rapidly developing topic.  

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