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Why join us?

Joining a partnership chair supported by the AgroParisTech Foundation is an opportunity toCombine complementary expertise around a common ambitionand to be able todeal effectively with complex subjects.Together, we will then be able to develop innovative solutions over the long term to meet the major challenges ahead.


This tailor-made co-construction is part of thesponsorship charter and the ethics and professional conduct charter of AgroParisTechand allows us, together, to answer questions of general interest, for the benefit of the greatest number.

Participating in the Chair is not only supporting the projects presented below but it is co-creating in an innovative framework and participating in a set of reflections around urban agriculture favorable to the sustainable development of our cities._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Create strong links with unusual partners

Make visible the general and societal interest of your company

Join a network of experts to exchange and grow together

Bring your concrete cases as a testing ground and get a head start

A partnership chair supported by the Foundation makes it possible to enter into the framework of sponsorship:the donation made to the AgroParisTech Foundation is 60% tax-exempt by the donorin the form of an income tax reduction.

Achieving this support within the framework of sponsorship also allows donors to benefit from an image of social responsibility serving the general interest and to organize real internal communication aimed at employees on adherence to such an approach.


It should be noted that the results and activities of this type of chair are in the general interest and are therefore subject to the dissemination of the results to as many people as possible.

Our partners

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