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Analyze the ecological roles of forms of urban agriculture

This objective aims to increase the benefits of forms of urban agriculture on the urban metabolism.

Knowing, quantifying and strengthening the ecosystem services provided by these forms of agriculture to the city is our third line of work and objective. Regulation of urban heat islands, retention of rainwater, food production, reception of urban biodiversity, recovery of urban waste, creation of local jobs, improvement of the living environment, social ties, etc.: there are many services provided by urban agriculture.  Analyzing them more precisely, quantifying them and making them known to as many people as possible could in particular increase the credibility and support of these projects by various actors in the city. Today, we lack data and we want to create here a facilitating framework to carry out these finer analyses.


urban waste (particularly organic waste)

Preserve and increase

urban biodiversity

Develop measurement methods

the impact of UA on urban heat islands as well as on urban water regulation


the different forms of UA on their overall environmental impacts

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