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Produce food for all

Towards dignified access to fresh, healthy and sustainable products for all.

Today, a major part of the productions resulting from urban agriculture are intended for restricted populations who are aware of the subject. Indeed, many urban agriculture projects are entering niche markets with high value-added products, thereby increasing inequalities of access to these products.

What we want is to produce quality food for everyone from urban agriculture, in all its diversity, while creating renewed links between urban agriculture and agriculture in general. We want to focus here on the diversity of productions in urban agriculture, their transformation, the audiences they concern and also the possible risks they may carry and, if necessary, their management.

Provide actors

the tools needed to control the health risks associated with UA production and practices

Characterize and encourage

a food offer accessible to underprivileged populations

Define and make possible

an offer in line with segmented demand

Understand and measure

the insertion of urban agriculture in the urban food system


the interactions in the food system between AUs with each other and with the agricultural world at large

Our partners

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